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Title:  Love Hina

Creator:  Ken Akamatsu

Overview:  15 years ago Keitaro Urushima made a promise with his childhood sweetheart that they would meet in the prestigious Tokyo University and live happily ever after.  Unfortunately Keitaro is rubbish at exams and is just starting his third year of trying to get in when fate hands him a job as landlord at his Grandma's hotel.  Unfortunately the hotel has become a girls dormitory and the residents are none to pleased to find a man is going to be living there.  Keitaro has to try and cope with his studying whilst dealing with the residents, although he does find himself drawn to one of them - the feisty Naru Narusegawa.  Could she be the girl from his childhood?  Will she ever stop punching him?

Ric: 'Great fun and also quite touching in places, Love Hina is good in animé form and the manga is superb.  Strikes a decent balance between romance and insanity'

Tom: '.'

Pointless Trivia:

  • The animé series was made before the manga had finished.

  • As well as the animé and manga there are also several Love Hina computer games in Japan, on consoles ranging from the Playstation 2 to the Gameboy.

  • There are several references to computer games and animé in Love Hina, including visual parodies of Darkstalkers and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

  • A character from Love Hina makes a cameo in one episode of the children's series Mao-Chan.

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Naru Narusegawa