Battle Angel Alita

Manga Series Titles:

Battle Angel Alita (1990)
Ashen Victor (1995)
Gunnm Gaiden (1997)
Battle Angel Alita: Last Order (2000)


Yukito Kishiro

Viz Communications

Battle Angel Alita - 9 volumes
Ashen Victor - 1 volume
Gunnm Gaiden - 3 short stories (Japanese Only)
Last Order - 7 volumes (ongoing)


Other Info:

Battle Angel Alita is available in two editions - the first is larger in size and is printed left to right, whereas the second is smaller, cheaper and printed right to left.  The series was also available as a monthly comic in the US.  In Japan the series has been reissued in a series of six 'Complete Edition' books which also contain the Gunnm Gaiden series (see below) and reams of 'Tech Notes', which effectively make up a Battle Angel Alita encyclopaedia.  Some of the Tech Notes were included in the original Japanese manga release and were also in the Spanish version, but more were added especially for the Japanese Complete Editions.  None of these notes are officially available in English.

Last Order is a sequel to the original series which ends it as Yukito Kishiro originally intended.  We would recommend reading the original series before starting this one as it follows and refers to events from the previous series.  It is printed right to left, and most of volume 1 was also published as a monthly comic in the US before Viz Communications discontinued the format in late 2003.

Ashen Victor doesn't actually feature Alita (as far as we know) but it is set in the Battle Angel Alita universe, hence its inclusion here.  The single volume focuses on the sport 'Motorball' (which bears more than a passing resemblance to the Rollerball sport from the film of the same name) and is printed left to right.

Gunnm Gaiden was a series side stories that Yukito Kishiro created for Japanese magazine UltraJump after his two year hiatus.  The series is currently only available in Japan, where it has also been reprinted in the first, second and fourth volumes of the Gunnm Complete Edition books.

still have problems with importing their titles to the UK following licensing issues raised a couple of years ago.  This said, most larger comic shops stock both Last Order and the second edition of Battle Angel Alita for around 7 per volume, and they are widely available online too - check out the likes of Anime-On-Line and Amazon.  The first editions of Battle Angel Alita are more difficult to get hold of but can still be found in comic shops, expect to pay around 12 per volume.  Ashen Victor is pretty difficult to get hold of but some comic shops may still have a copy in stock, expect to pay around 12 if you find a volume.  Gunnm Gaiden and the Tech Notes are unavailable in English, although it is probable that Viz will look into releasing them once Last Order finishes.  You may be able to find fan translated copies online but if you can read Japanese, or just want to look at the character sketches and timelines, the Gunnm Complete Editions will set you back around 25 a piece (they are big books) - YesAsia have them in stock and also offer free shipping to the UK.