Anime Lyrics

As it says, a site with a huge database of animé theme tune lyrics as well as lyrics for J-Pop songs and game soundtracks.  Often has both Japanese (Romanised of course) and English lyrics.

Anime Music Video.Org

A website which lists thousands on downloadable 'anime music videos' as well as information on their creation.

Anime News Network Encyclopaedia

The best anime and manga resource on the net, with information on hundreds of anime and manga titles, voice actors, studios and creators.

Anime On DVD

The most extensive animé review site we've seen.  Packed with information on basically every animé title released on DVD in the US and several from abroad.


The largest and most established website for cosplay in the world.  It is great to use as a reference site to see what other people around the world have done with the same cosplay.

Cosplay Island

A website dedicated purely to the UK cosplaying scene. It is a great way to show off existing, new and up and coming cosplay. Through the site you can also find guides on how to create certain aspects of cosplay and recommended websites from website members.

Digital Anime's Piracy FAQ

A Piracy FAQ that everyone should have a look at to avoid those unscrupulous individuals who would knowingly sell you sub-standard goods.

Game FAQs

Information and guides on pretty much every game ever created, including tonnes of anime based games that have never been released in the UK.


Excellent site which lists all clubs and shops in local areas of the UK.  The list is ever growing and worth keeping a check on to find out what is happening near you. 

Online Japanese Dictionary

An online Japanese/English dictionary, a pretty good resource.

Akuma, Streetfighter Alpha (Manga Video)