Standing for Anglo-Japanese Anime & Manga Culture Association, AJAMCA aims to promote the medium and unite like-minded people in the UK.

Modern lifestyle magazine offering news and articles on anime, gaming, film, technology, art and more. 


A website dedicated to bad attempts at English by our Asian cousins, superb!

A selection of comics focused on the same group of people, each told from a different character point-of-view.  Stylish and different, the site also contains a thought-provoking forum.

Japanese Arts Festival

An ongoing arts festival hosted by Akemi Solloway, featuring art by range of artists as well as Kimono dressing, traditional music, cosplay masquerade, workshops and more.  Next event will be being 28/02/09. 

Powerpuff @ Japanese

An excellent Japanese Powerpuff Girls fan site with a great gallery of parody images.  Well worth a look.

Team Giblets

A small art and design venture who attend all the major UK anime conventions.  Dealing in art commissions and original t-shirt designs, they also have a hand in cosplay masquerades and omakes at said conventions. 

Maya & Hikari, Neon Genesis Evangelion (ADV/Manga Video)