Excel Saga

Shinichi Watanabe

ADV Films

25min x26 episodes (Excel Saga)

Available in the UK?

Highest Certificate:  15 (vol 3; vol 6)

Other Info: 
Excel Saga
is available on DVD in the UK (Region 2, PAL).  The series is spread across 6 DVDs with the volumes 1 and 6 containing 5 episodes and volumes 2-5 containing four episodes each.  Each episode is 25mins long.  Episode 26, which is included on Excel Saga vol 6, is a bonus episode that was made to upset Japanese censors and has decidedly stronger content than the rest of the series.  A DVD boxset entitled 'Excel Saga Imperfect Collection' is also available in the US (Region 1, NTSC), and the US release of the six DVDs each came with free mini cardboard games and cutouts.  A 2 episode spin-off called Puni Puni Poemy is also available on DVD in the UK (Region 2, PAL), it is rated 18.  The US version came with a sew-on Puni Puni Poemy patch.

Excel Excel & Menchi


DVD Extras:
English dub, Japanese dub, English subtitles, 'ADV Vid Notes' (a handy extra which explains the many cultural references in a 'pop up video' style), ADV previews, TV spots, Trailers, Japanese piracy warning, a couple of pointless hidden extras and mini games.

Availability & Price:
All six volumes are available in the UK on DVD from ADV FilmsExcel Saga is available from most high street DVD retailers priced at around 19.99 per volume.  For better prices it is always best to look  online, and Play.com offer each volume for around 15 with free UK delivery.  ADV titles have also cropped up in online and high street sales and special offers so it's worth keep your eyes open for a bargain!

The US boxset is readily available for about 50-65 (depending on retailer), and consists of a slipcase box containing the 6 DVD volumes.  It is worth noting as always that goods with a value higher than 18 imported from the US are liable for a Customs and Excise charge when reaching the UK, which usually comprises the VAT of 17.5% on the entire parcel value plus a handling charge of around 4.  These charges are levied randomly which means you sometimes avoid them and sometimes not, but if you wish to take the risk good places to look include PlayUSA and DVD Pacific.

Puni Puni Poemy is also available in the UK from ADV Films, and can be picked up from most high street retailers for 19.99.  Online retailers usually offer better prices, and Play.com sell it for 14.99 plus free delivery.