Koshi Rikdo
(Creator, Excel Saga)

Despite the fact that he appears in anime form in every episode of the Excel Saga anime series (although he is voiced by an actor), finding absolutely any information at all about Koshi Rikdo is a hard task.  In fact the self portrait to the right is the closest we have found to a picture of the man himself!

What is clear is that Koshi Rikdo is principally a doujinshi (self-published fan-comic) author and artist, and that the volume of doujinshi works he has done far outweigh his professional series.  Koshi Rikdo has worked on numerous parody doujinshi including comedic and pornographic takes on Love Hina, Tenchi Muyo and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Koshi Rikdo, he looks like this in the anime too.

Excel Saga originally began life as a parody doujinshi called Municipal Forces Daitenjin, which revolved around civil servants who double up as a Power Rangers-style superhero team, but the focus was shifted to the villains when it was adapted for Japanese magazine Young King Ours.  The manga series clocked up over 14 volumes in Japan, where its popularity prompted the creation of the anime series, which later proved a surprise hit in the US.  Rikdo hasn't really gotten carried away with the success this series enjoyed in Japan and abroad and has instead carried on his doujinshi projects, creating only two major new manga projects since Excel Saga ended.  It was rumoured however that the success of Excel Saga worldwide may have given him cause to begin a manga follow up, but so far only an updated version of Municipal Forces Daitenjin, called Daitenzin, has emerged.


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