Excel Saga

Koshi Rikdo

Viz Media

14 volumes at present

Available in English?

Other Info:
The volumes are around 200 pages long and are published in the 'tankoban' format of most modern manga.  As with all of the Viz 'Action Edition' manga range each volume reads from right to left and retains all of the original Japanese sound effects, with an effects glossary added for good measure.  Each volume also contains various extras including cultural footnotes, information from the translators and bonus interviews.

All 14 volumes of the Excel Saga manga are available from comic shops and sci-fi retailers, however, it is worth noting that publisher Viz Media were hit by a licensing issue not too long ago which prevented them from supplying directly to the UK.  Although this seems to have ironed itself out for the most part, non-specialised book shops may still have problems obtaining Viz titles.  The only way to know for sure is to order them from your local bookshop and the best help you can have for this is the ISBN number.  The ISBN is an international cataloguing code given to each new book on publishing, and makes tracking down and ordering books a lot easier for book shop staff.  The ISBN numbers for volume 1 of Excel Saga are as follows:

Vol 1: 1-56931-988-X

Expect to pay around 7-8 per volume.  One of the best places to buy manga is online, and Amazon, Anime-On-Line and Otaku UK have good selections and some decent prices.