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  Tetsujin 28 Paper Model Kit

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Manufacturer: Terratag 

Suggested Retail Price: N/A (promo item)

Purchased from: MCM London Expo (May 2006), also available for download here 

Rarity: Common

Reviewer:  Tom (Webmaster)

  When attending the MCM London Expo, you will come away with more leaflets then the average person receives in a lifetime.  New shows, DVDs, random sci-fi dealers, demos for rubbish PS2 games and then several duplicates of the above.  It is going to be hard for one of them to really grab your attention but this little curiosity manages that. 

Coming on three sheets of card with nineteen parts, at first glance this origami version of the classic mech looked pretty straightforward when I came to assemble it.  Despite my only previous model experience being making those cheap foam planes you used to buy in the Spar for 30p many years back, I was still confident.  When it then took me half an hour to make one leg, I realised I should not count my chickens in future.  However, this was my own fault as, although I was following the IKEAesque instructions fine, I am just not to good at model assembly. 

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Although beginners like me will have trouble assembling the model, do not forget that you can print off as many as like from the Terratag website.  I worked with the card version that was given to me at the MCM London Expo but you can just glue the printable version onto a used cereal box to obtain the necessary sturdiness. 

You can see my pathetic attempt to build the model by clicking here.  Please note that I used Sellotape to build the model instead of the recommended glue & craft knife, so my model looks more like a burns victim rather then a fearsome mech.  If you make models often then you will probably complete this no problem though, as it took me a couple of hours and I'm terrible!  For beginners it is a good introduction as it will show you that it just isn't as easy as it looks. 

The overall effect of the model is good, and it is great to see Terratag trying something a little different for anime fans.  No doubt will see even more interesting projects in future. 

Now excuse me while a print off another Tetsujin and try again....



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