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  Genki Gear women's t-shirt range

Product Type:  Clothing

Manufacturer: Genki Gear

Suggested Retail Price: 13.99 - 14.99

Purchase from: Genki Gear, MCM Expo, Collectormania

Rarity: Common

Reviewer:  Ami-chan

Genki Gear - A Females Perspective.

My first Genki Gear t-shirt was bought just over a year ago at Manchester Collectormania. In fact I used my final bit of loose change to buy Genki's most popular t-shirt by far
"Manga is not necessarily cute" with its cute pandas on the front.  A year on (and many wears later) and my t-shirt is still pretty much in the same condition as the day I bought it. The reason why you ask? It's because Genki Gear pride themselves on the quality of their t-shirts.  Speaking to them at the most recent Collectormania, they told me how long it took them to find the right company to print their designs to the right quality standard.  So much so that any t-shirts printed which do not meet the right quality standard will simply not be sold.*

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One feature of Genki's t-shirts which is great is that they do not appeal to just the budding otaku, but also appeal to a much wider audience who enjoy wearing unique and quirky t-shirts.  Most of their designs come in a variety of different colours from purple to pink to burnt orange instead of the usual black and white that is normally found.  A recent welcome
move by the company is the fact that many of their unisex designs are now also being
produced as a fitted t-shirt.  One example of this is the rampage t-shirt with the great
quote of "I'm a happy monster" written in Japanese.  This t-shirt has an innovative design which is playful and witty pulling on modern Japanese references.

A final feature of Genki Gear which makes them accessible to all is the fact that their t-
shirts can accommodate people of different waist sizes.  With the average woman's size being
a 16, many fitted anime t-shirts simply do not fit.  Whereas with Genki Gear they offer
women's fitted t-shirts from a size 8 to 18 and in men's from a size small to x-large.


* For further information on Genki Gear's printing process click here to see our exclusive interview in our features section

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