Cosplay interviews! A weekly feature on Animetion where we talk to UK cosplayers on what motivates them, plus a cool gallery showcasing their cosplays.  Here we talk to cosplayer:

Name:  Jessie Clinch
(a.k.a. Mocara)

Q: When did you start cosplaying and how long for?

I started cosplaying about 4 years ago when I thought I was being super original. I was convinced I was going to win a prize or something and then I got to the event and there were hundreds of really skilled costumers.  Iím pretty competitive so from that point I was hooked ;)

Q: What attracts you cosplay?

I love the design aspect.  I always cosplay characters where Iím intrigued by the colours and shapes of their costume.  I donít necessarily have to like a series or a character to want to make a costume Ė to me it is often an un-connected part of the character.

Q:  What has been your favourite cosplay?

Blaire (from Soul Eater - ed.) is my favourite.  I went through a phase of doing very frumpy costumes and I really wanted to do something sexy.  I saw her character design when I was out shopping one day in Japan and fell in love with it - particularly since it doesnít have shoulders (Iím so bad at sewing sleeves onto the torso!).  It came out way better than I thought and itís so comfortable!  Now Iím cosplaying CC (from Code Geass - ed.) to The Grand International Cosplay Ball and Iím slightly sick of sexy costumes. Next up will be more frump ;)

Q: Most memorable moment whilst cosplaying?

Not necessarily a good memory but I was cosplaying Oneesan from Battle Royale to an event on Southbank in London.  In those days I used to travel in costume and I ended up walking through a remembrance Sunday parade in tiny shorts and covered in fake blood!  I was hiding under a friends jacket but still looked like some kind of dissident DX

Q:  Have you had any cosplays go wrong/encountered problems whilst making cosplays?

My CC costume for the ball is going horribly wrong.  I donít want to talk about it >_<

Q:  Have you ever regretted cosplaying?

I had a moment a few weeks ago when my boyfriend accidentally stepped on a white sleeve I was working on for my Pierrot (from Yakitate!! Japan - ed.) costume for Auchinawa 2008 (my fault for filling his flat full of fabric).  I knew I would need to make it again and I just had a Ďwhy do I botherí moment.  The fabrics for the costume had cost around £40 and I was thinking about what I could have bought with that money instead.  When I realised the mental shopping list was mostly Ďwigs and that overlocker I wantí, it became obvious it was just a moment of passing madness ;)

Q:  Have you ever done group cosplay? If so how did you find that experience?

My fav group experience was the Yakitate!! Japan group at Auchinawa 2008, mainly because it wasnít stressful - it was a cool group of people and there was lots of croissants.

The Samurai Champloo group was also fun although looses points on the fact that my friend and I made all the cosies from scratch and it took forevarrrrr.  The photoshoots we did were fun however!

Q:  What cosplays are you planning?

None!!  Its quite a release!  Although Iím making Medusa for a friend and thereís a few I would like to do if I shape up a bit.

Q:  Do you have a dream cosplay?

I want to make the Blood Elf costume (from World Of Warcraft - ed.) Iíve been planning for several years.  However, Iím being picky over it and I want to make the armour pieces so shiny that you can see your face in them.  If anyone knows a material that might be suitable, let me know!

Q:  Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay virgins?

Cosplay is an obscure but fun hobby, try not to take it too seriously.  Donít take after me and find yourself sitting up all night doing accounts and sending out tickets for the latest cosplay event you thought would be sooooooo easy to put together.  And try and finish your costumes with at least 4 days to spare!  Then you have time if it all goes wrong and you donít end up hanging from the ceiling, trying to iron bias tape with your teeth.

Q:  Do you have an account with the website Cosplay island/other social networking sites?

http://ravenmocara.deviantart.com on DeviantArt and Iím Mocara on Cosplay Island.

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Jessie as Tseng from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Jessie as Abiru Kobushi from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - photo taken by Ravenblakh - http://ravenblakh.deviantart.com/art/Jess-I-104426786 Jessie as Pierott Bolenz from Yakitate!! Japan Jessie as Inner Sakura from Naruto - picture taken by El

Jessie as Millie from Trigun, also in shot Anthony Hall (a.k.a. Plushieman) as Vash The Stampede Jessie as Jin from Samurai Champloo Jessie as Kimimaru from Naruto

Jessie as Robin from Witch Hunter Robin Jessie as Haruko from FLCL Jessie as Oneesan from Battle Royale - picture taken by Elegant Bunny Jessie as Blair from Soul Eater