Cosplay interviews! A weekly feature on Animetion where we talk to cosplayers on what motivates them, plus a cool gallery showcasing their cosplays.  Here we talk to English cosplayer:

Name: Christopher Jones (a.k.a. noleafclover1999 or Saululan)

Q: When did you start cosplaying and how long for?

The first cosplay I ever did was in November 2006 at the Birmingham Memorabilia show, so itís coming up to 3 years.  The first cosplay I ever did was an off duty police officer from the Japanese Tokusatsu series ĎTokusou Sentai Dekaranger.í  I chose it as an accompaniment to the henshined forms of the character.  

Q: What attracts you cosplay?

I think itís the freedom of expression that accompanies it.  Through cosplay I can express myself in both the time and effort spent making the cosplay and the sheer joy of actually cosplaying.  I find it invigorating to be asked for photos and be recognised.  That's why I enjoy Super Sentai cosplays (known in the west as

the 'Power Rangers')  No matter what event you go to, there will be somebody who knows the character and can shout the catchphrase Ďitís morphiní time!í

Q:  What has been your favourite cosplay?

I think my most recent cosplay was the most enjoyable.  I was Timered from Mirai Sentai Timeranger (Power Rangers Time Force).  This was because we had a group of red rangers (8 I think) which made for epic pictures.

Q: Most memorable moment whilst cosplaying?

I think the most memorable moment was whilst I was crossplaying (cosplaying as someone of the opposite sex - ed.).  When I cos/crossplay (with the exception of Super Sentai) I tend to go for concept pieces or less well known characters that it would take a real die hard fan to know.

I think there has been an over-commercialisation in recent years of people doing the more popular characters, leaving the less popular characters under represented.  The first time I did this in crossplay, I got an amazing reaction as there were quite a few people who knew the concept piece I was mimicking. It was a concept piece of Gender Bending Genshiken and was based on the premise that Tanaka would have lived Ohnoís lifestyle whilst cosplaying.

Q:  Have you had any cosplays go wrong/encountered problems whilst making cosplays?

All the time.  It is getting to the point where if something hasn't gone wrong on the first day, you get a little bit nervous. 

There have been times where I have had to fix glove gauntlets with coloured Duck tape, fix belt buckles with hot glue and even fix the cosplay itself with a needle and thread.  No matter how much preparation you take to strengthen a cosplay, if something is going to go wrong, it will go wrong.

Q:  Have you ever regretted cosplaying?

Never, well not in retrospect anyway.  I donít see the point in regretting a cosplay.  If you just go with the flow, you will be cool.  There have been a couple of occasions where Iíve said 'never again' to a particular cosplay but I go home, sleep on it and decide I enjoyed it so much it's worth doing again.

Q:  Have you ever done group cosplay? If so how did you find that experience?

I generally do group cosplays as my main cosplay group is Super Sentai (Power Rangers).  I think group cosplays make for better events as fans get to see a wider spectrum of a show.

Q:  What cosplays are you planning?

My next cosplay that Iím co-working on is Magishine from Mahou Sentai Magiranger.  This is one of those cosplays that will test my durability as itís quite a bulky costume.

Q:  Do you have a dream cosplay?

Iíd love to have the body figure to crossplay commercial characters successfully, but being 6í4 I don't think this will happen.

Q:  Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay virgins?

I think the 2-3-5 rule should always be observed during expos where the weather is warm.

At least:

2 Showers

3 Meals

5 Hours Sleep

per day as when the event hall (particularly MCM London Expo) gets very warm, it can get uncomfortable and sleep, food and showers can help.

Q:  Do you have an account with the website Cosplay Island/other social networking sites?

I donít, but I think I might.  My username is always Noleafclover1999 or Saululan so thatís how youíll recognise me.

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