After attending yet another excellent MCM London Expo last week, we thought it would be great to do a small update on the cosplay feature that we did last May.  Just a little feature to highlight the excellent cosplayers which were even better then last time!  Click all images on this page for full-size images. 

Unsurprisingly the most common cosplay trends were Bleach and Naruto, with far more Bleach cosplayers then ever before.  The quality of the Bleach cosplayers was remarkable as well, with high levels of care going into the costumes making for a visual treat!  Other then Bleach and Naruto though there were not any other trends to really speak of other then (Final Fantasy), which, fortunately, meant a lot more randomness! 


As before we held our own little competition to give prizes to the best and most random cosplayers.  On Saturday the winners included these amazing costumes - Gluttony from Full Metal Alchemist in the male category and Nine-Tails from Naruto in the female category.  Both won a selection of random rare goodies bought on a travels to Japan, contact us here if one of the pictures is of you and you want your name to appear in this feature. 


Unlike last time we also gave out random prizes on Sunday and the winners are above.  Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! won in the female category (excellent felt hair!) and Kankuro from Naruto in the male category.  The dummy he had with him was excellent!  Contact us here if one of the pictures is of you and you want your name to appear in this feature. 

Yep, more cosplay randomness then ever before with people dressing as Pocky boxes, Day Of The Tentacle and this chap below who cosplayed as Amano from Urotsukidoji: Legend Of The Overfiend!  If you are reading Amano contact us here

As before we gave away prizes to all cosplayers we came across and big prizes to the top winners you can see in the box-outs of this feature.  Enjoy the gallery of the top cosplayers on the next page and remember we will be at all the Expos next year giving out prizes once again!