"The first fixture will be your handle, you need to have a handle within the arm so that the cover isn't taking all of the strain.  You need to cut away a section where you will insert your arm, I used a saw for this.  Only cut as deep as just past the centre of the arm then remove the section you have just cut.  You will also need to also scoop out some polystyrene from either side as you're about to insert the dowel which will be your handle.  You need to cut the broom handle / dowel to the width of the Arm you then just need to insert it and screw in both ends of it from the outside.

"The second fixtures will be straps.  You'll need to crack out your sewing machine for this and sew a loop of your webbing around the webbing / strapping.  You then need to cut two holes parallel in the Arm either side of where your fore arm will be (ie. along side the walls of your cut out section).  You just need to then feed the webbing through leaving the buckle on the inside of the arm.  You'll need to repeat this further down the arm as well...

"To make the whole thing more comfortable cut some Fun Foam to size and lay it on the walls, the top and the edges of your cut out section and fix them using double sided carpet tape.
That's your Fixtures done so you should now be able to comfortably wear the Arm as an extension of your fore arm."

"You are best using Plasticote Spray paint without a primer and then glossing for a top coat.  Allow enough time between coats of paint for the paint to dry, also change the spray direction between each coat to ensure an even coat."

"You'll need to borrow a helper again for this one.  You need to have your arm inside the Allen arm strapped and holding on to the dowel, the helper needs to wrap the Lycra material around both the Allen arm and your upper arm and pin the material right the way up to your armpit.  Now you need to sew the sleeve right the way up and do a Trial with both the sleeve and Arm on. (See Images Sleeve1-13)  If it doesn't look right you need to unpick the stitching and try again."

"Once you have a sleeve that works you need add the armour stripes, I made these by cutting strips 2 inches wide going down the longest side of the fun foam (pic 1).  I then painted the fun foam on both sides with PVA and left it to dry then it's out with the Plasticote paint again to cover both sides and the edges of the foam stripes.

"When the paint was dry I pinned the strips to the arm and when I was happy with the positioning I painted one side with Laytex and pinned them down again (pic 2).  Once the sleeve is complete and in place you just need to add the stick on velcro in place on the arm and sleeve to hold the sleeve on to the arm (pic 3)."