Ami-Chan continues her guide to the overall do's and don't's of Cosplay, with the third and final part of her multi-part guide.  Read on for tips on making the most out of your cosplay on the day...

Ok so you've spent hours on making or getting your cosplay together, the last thing you want is a last minute "wardrobe malfunction" to ruin your day.  The tips below will help you make sure that your day goes as smoothly as possible

1. Write a checklist

Before you leave to go to an event make sure you check that you have everything with you.  Can you imagine your disappointment if you brought your Lacus Clyne outfit without the pink wig?

2.  Iron your cosplay

This may seem obvious but so many people do not do this.  By not ironing your cosplay you are not getting the best out of your outfit!  If you're travelling and have to pack your cosplay away make sure you unpack it as soon as possible, as this will reduce the chance of it getting creased further.

3. Wigs

Use a wig cap it is a great way to keep your hair from falling out of your wig and showing!  They are incredibly cheap from 99 pence and can come in all different colours.  I would recommend if you do decide to buy one choose

one that either matches your wig colour or complements your skin tone.  Also try and buy one that has anti slip qualities (these tend to be the ones that are not made out of tight-like material).  If you have short hair you will be able to easily be able to push your hair into the cap without clips which saves you lots of time.  On the other hand if you have long hair you may have to clip it back to make sure it is secure and not going to fall out.

4. Shoes

Make sure you have broken in your shoes before the event, if you haven't you may be in some pain half way through the day.  In the past I've taken a pair of emergency comfy shoes just in case this occurs.  An alternative to this is to make sure you have some plasters on the day and some gel cushions which can stop your feet from rubbing in all the wrong places!

5. If you're Wearing a Short Skirt wear Shorts

This is to protect yourself from the dodgy panty shot photos that may happen if you decide to bend down for any reason.

6. Take an Emergency Sewing kit

It can happen to anyone, even the best cosplays can have wardrobe malfunctions with splitting seams etc.  If you have a little kit with some cotton and some needles you will be prepared for these such things.

7. Tights and Clear Bra Straps

From my own and my friends personal 

experience, if you are going to use any of the above items take plenty of them! They tend to break or tear very easily and you can end up in a sticky situation (especially with the bra straps) if you do have any replacements.

8 Make sure you look the same going out of the toilet as you are going in.

Basically make sure that your skirt is not tucked into anything on the way out! Otherwise you may become rather embarrassed...