The Guyver: Data 1 - The Genesis of the Guyver

UK Distributor:  Manga Entertainment 

BBFC Certificate:  15

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  N/A (deleted video

Episodes: 1 (of 12)

Audio Options:  English 

Subtitles:  N/A

Reviewer:  Tom (Webmaster)


Please note that the following review was written as part of a feature on drunken reviews.  Original spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors have been kept.  The aim of this to review was to determine how enjoyable the anime is to watch whilst drunk, not whilst sober!  Here we go:

After a dull intro explaing the basic plot (life is an anhcient force not tapped by humans until now) we are introduced to the sub-standard Guyver.
A truck then comes across a very conpsicous pentagonal suticase (we all carry them) and then gets swiftly attack by a ribbish monster before his truck blows up. No sign of Guyver yet.

Cut to cheesy schoolkids and some guy trying to get with a girl. Cut-ahead some cliched scenes of school pairings and villians later, one of the school guys HAPPENS to come accross the bio-suit thsat transforms into the Guyver! The appearence of the suit is a bit of a non-event as well - it is a dull suit with no individuality at all plus the demons are awful! Not scary or threatenting at all.

All you can do at Guyver is laugh. No good points at all really. Every other action series does something better then this, Guyver does nothing better them at all. Nothing, full stop. The moment when the schoolkid discovers he is the Guyver and realises he is in a cyber suit is one of the worst acting scenes you wull ever see. So shocking it neither that funny drunk or sober. AVIOID avioid avoid!!

Drunk rating:

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