Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Season 1

US distributor:  ADV Films

(Unrated Region 1 release - suggested 15+)

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  $79.95 (approx. £55)

Episodes:  1-46 (of 46) - only episode 33 reviewed

Audio Options:  Japanese 2.0

Subtitles:  English

Reviewer:  Rich (Webmaster)


Please note that the following review was written as part of a feature on drunken reviews.  Original spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors have been kept.  The aim of this to review was to determine how enjoyable the anime is to watch whilst drunk, not whilst sober!  Here we go:

Afetr Violence Jack Sailor Moon is like a work of art on a par with the roof of Sistine Chapel. Sailor Moon is cheesy as hell, but otís miles better than crap Jack.

We watched this episode cos itís trhe one where Salior Venus turns up, and to be honest the plot and action are getting more interesting here now too. Bad guys and good guys turn up in high places and make stupid announcements about themselves, villains are hiding out in warehouses in the docks Ė yep this is classic action series time!! Itís really good fun, showdowns at night during a storm, baddies explaining their whole plan to us for no reason, itís brilliant!!

Well actually itís pretty pants, itís really predictabl ansd cheesy but I donít care!! Itís really entertaining and has plenty going on, special move fly thick and fast, and itís even quite funny in places. Itís the best thing we have watched so far, except golden boy, and sailor venusí arrival is a masterpiece of cheesy theatre. Itís cheesy as hell but its still good, amnd perfect at this point in the nigjht.

Drunk rating:

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