Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Season 1

US distributor:  ADV Films

(Unrated Region 1 release - suggested 15+)

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  $79.95 (approx. 55)

Episodes:  1-46 (of 46) - only episode 33 reviewed

Audio Options:  Japanese 2.0

Subtitles:  English

Reviewer:  Tom (Webmaster)


Please note that the following review was written as part of a feature on drunken reviews.  Original spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors have been kept.  The aim of this to review was to determine how enjoyable the anime is to watch whilst drunk, not whilst sober!  Here we go:

It is the one where SAilor Venus shows up! UNCUT!!

A fake Sailor Moon is apparently on the prowl and the negaverse is no boubet involved. Cut back to the real world and the fake Moon is rescuing an arcade from being robbed. Luna thinks it may be Usagi but she is wrong! Usagi is eating rubbish crepes intead with Jupiter and not svaing people like she should. How dar the fake Moon be doing the job that Usagi should be doing!! Something must done!!! 20,000 holes in balckburn1;!

mULTIPLE TRANSformations rock! All transform to crap music at once!


Kunt zite is now give the sailors gip with his darkness attack - come on MARS! Take it ou twith fire!! Scary line-art could defeat them but Jupiter thunder offer s hope! But no, they are all trapped as usual so guess who will save the day? That's right Tuxedo Mesk - YET AGAIN! Fire your shitty rose Mask- boy, I'm sure that will stop the eggy neggyverse!

And I though it would but the neggy's trannys can outwit even our Webber hero! So will save everyone now? Maybe the title offer a hint hmm.....???


Venus has the hottest surface temp of any planet and Venus is sure hot! lol. She kicks ass, saves the day, looks great and then joins the team. Excellent!

Fantastic CHarlies' Angel fun all round and an absolute classic sober or drunk! Sailor Moon still kicks very much ass!!

Drunk rating:

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