Title: Naruto Unleashed volume 1

Format: DVD

Released: 21st August 2006


Adapted from the best-selling manga created by Masashi Kishimoto, the animated NARUTO series has rapidly developed into an international phenomenon. Firmly establishing itself as the most popular new animated series in North America and Japan, NARUTO will begin broadcasting in the UK at primetime (5 p.m.) on Jetix from 22nd July. And in August 2006 the "ninja Harry Potter for the Pokémon generation" will launch a

further assault on the UK with Manga Entertainment's release of NARUTO UNLEASHED - SERIES 1: VOLUME 1 on DVD, featuring the first fully uncut 13 episodes of the fun-filled and action-packed, ninja adventure series across three discs.

Long ago, a powerful Demon Fox appeared in peaceful Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Their families and homes threatened by this evil force, the Shinobis - or ninjas - fought long and hard to protect themselves but to no avail. Then, one Shinobi - known as the Fourth Hokage - made the ultimate sacrifice, sealing the spirit of the demon in the body of a newborn baby boy Naruto Uzumaki.

Twelve years later, Naruto has grown into a lonesome orphan with boundless energy, a penchant for mischief and dreams of becoming the next Hokage. Treated as an outcast by the rest of his village ever since he became the human vessel for the spirit of the Demon Fox, all Naruto really yearns for is attention and respect. As he finally begins his own ninja training in earnest, Naruto develops a secret crush on a girl in his Ninja Academy graduation class, Sakura Haruno. Unfortunately for Naruto, Sakura only has eyes for Sasuke Uchiha, another fellow graduate and Naruto's main rival. With the help of his mentor Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke, Naruto endeavours to overcome all the challenges set before him as he struggles to develop his ninja skills and takes the first steps in realising his dream.

Since its inception Masashi Kishimoto's NARUTO manga series has sold in excess of 59 million copies in its native Japan, with over 60 million comic sales taking the title to the top of the US Today bestsellers list in America. NARUTO the animated series has been ranked as the number one kids show in the US, where copies of the collectable card game sold out within a week of wholesale release. The series has also inspired a best-selling range of video games for the Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance, GameCube, PS2 and PSP consoles.

The three-disc NARUTO UNLEASHED - SERIES 1: VOLUME 1 (cert. 12) will be released on DVD by Manga Entertainment on 21st August 2006. Special Features include: dual language format (English dub and original Japanese); optional English subtitles; storyboard booklet; textless opening and closing credits; limited edition slipcover.



Release Date
Running time

Naruto Unleashed - Series 1: vol 1

21st August 2006
Fantasy Action
365 mins (approx.)

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